Jacob Hull

Buena Vista University

Jacob Hull, a second-year student at Buena Vista University, is a student leader who has been instrumental in volunteer and capacity building with our alternative spring break program, Alternative Week of Off-site Learning (A.W.O.L.). He researched and developed a new curriculum for the four-month leadership development program. Jacob has been implementing the new curriculum to help students research and understand the root causes of critical social issues in the United States. Additionally, he has prepared site leaders to utilize the Active Citizen Continuum to develop participants. Mr. Hull has trained participants to apply the skills they have learned within the program, once the program is completed. Jacob is a servant leader by definition and is always developing ways to ensure his peers have multiple opportunities to serve a variety of needs on a local and international level. Jacob’s dedication to service and providing opportunities to his peers is incredible.

Dr. Joshua Merchant
Buena Vista University

Personal Statement

I first became interested in addressing the issues of wildlife preservation when I was a middle schooler in Boy Scouts. We would go on camping trips and learn about how we can leave a positive impact on the wildlife even though we were camping. As I grew up, I learned about more opportunities in my hometown of ways to clean up and make the town a better place for all to live. When I got to college, I applied and got accepted to go on a service trip to Catalina Island to do wildlife restoration work through an organization on our campus called the Alternative Week of Offsite Learning (A.W.O.L.). That trip really opened my eyes to the endless possible ways that I can help serve the world and make it a better and cleaner place for all. I brought some of the ideas that I learned there back, and have since become the new Vice President of our A.W.O.L. program and using my position to help create a better life for all and grow the interest in our program so we can get others to see the impacts that we as people have on the world.

Jacob Hull
Computer Science: Class of 2022
written 2020

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