Jacob Gainey

Miami University

Jacob Gainey, a first year student at Miami University Regionals, was a catalyst for building community and belonging on campus before his tenure as a student even began. During new student orientation, Jacob learned the longtime student service organization banded due to COVID-19. An active student leader in high school, Jacob quickly responded to this void by creating a new organization called IMPACT, whose purpose is to build a culture of engagement on campus and in surrounding communities by fostering individual transformation through volunteerism and leadership development. He is excited to expand his local service efforts to a global lens as a member of the first Regional cohort of Miami’s Global Readiness Initiative. Jacob is the first Newman Civic Fellow to represent Miami University from the Regional campuses.

Gregory Crawford
Miami University

Personal Statement

I became involved with volunteering at a very young age by working with foster/adoptive families in my community. Systemic economic and social inequality is at the root of the dramatic rise in family displacement that has been recorded over the past few decades. My volunteer efforts throughout my community have been aimed at addressing such inequalities. In high school, I worked with various homeless shelters and special needs programs. During my first year at Miami University Regionals, I founded and currently lead a student organization called IMPACT. IMPACT seeks to foster a culture of volunteerism and leadership amongst students at Miami University by engaging with their communities and addressing issues of systemic inequality. So far, IMPACT has organized volunteer events whose outreach has touched the lives of youth in foster care, our communities homeless populations, and families in need during the holidays. By collaborating with my advisors, team members, and community leaders, I have had the pleasure of being a part of something much bigger than myself. I hope that the legacy of IMPACT lives on for future generations of Miamians who are eager for social justice and change in their communities long after I graduate.

Jacob Gainey
psychological science: Class of 2025
written 2022

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