Jack Nickelson

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Jack Nickelson, a senior student at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, knows the value of hard work and dedication. He has excelled in his coursework while helping with his family's farming & ranching operation, coaching youth soccer and serving as recreation assistant for his church. Jack enjoys educational research and will work toward his goal of obtaining his PhD in political science. He plans to teach at the collegiate level and guide his students through the rewards of civic engagement and service and help them discover their individual gifts.

Janet Cunningham
Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Personal Statement

Early in life, I understood that making a positive difference in the world through civic engagement was important. However, before I could enact change, I needed to develop the tools and skills required for altering detrimental societal trends. My whetstone came in the form of the Social Science department at NWOSU. My personal and professional experiences at NWOSU have provided me with the ability to become an effective leader in the public sector.
In the past, I have focused on service to people in two specific areas: service and research. I have served as a temporary bus driver and recreation assistant for a local church; I have served in the capacity of a coach for children wishing to play soccer; and, I have completed research into the significance of educational funding, as it relates to educational outcomes and economic success. I believe that serving the public and funding public education are necessities for a functioning society. I assert that we are all gifted with certain abilities and characteristics to serve others, and I contend that it is only through jumping into societal service that people can begin to discover their individual gifts.

Jack Nickelson
Political Science: Class of 2017 (Bachelor's), enrolling in a graduate program
written 2017

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