Isobel Day

Kent State University

Isobel Day, a student majoring in Political Science with a Public Policy concentration at Kent State University, recognized the importance of community when she emigrated to the U.S. from the United Kingdom at age 6. Isobel felt the difference that a supportive community made as her family made their new home in America. Isobel’s struggles with mental health in high school also deepened her commitment to community, as she collaborated with the superintendent to strengthen the district’s resources, including re-training counselors and co-creating new student organizations to help peers connect with each other and find their voices. Since arriving at Kent State, Isobel has held an impressive array of roles in our campus community, including working as an intern for our Women’s Center, serving on student government committees focused on governmental affairs and sustainability, and joining the Sunrise movement at Kent State—an organization advocating for political action on climate change. All these experiences have led Isobel to recognize that she is most passionate about empowering marginalized voices and creating spaces in which all people can connect and feel empowered. She plans to use the Fellowship to create these opportunities in surrounding communities.

Todd Diacon
Kent State University

Personal Statement

Achieving equity in all areas of the community is what I will always strive for. No matter if that means allocating more resources to marginalized students, building a more accessible campus, or reducing gender inequality, I am committed to ensuring that no community member feels left behind. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for lifting the voices of those who are most often silenced. In high school, I advocated for student mental health and created safe spaces for those struggling with mental illness. My advocacy grew immensely, however, with the murder of George Floyd, and the misinformation surrounding the 2020 election. I saw how unjust our communities were becoming, and it inspired me to devote my career to addressing the need for more equitable and nondiscriminatory policy choices. Through civic participation such as working with the Sunrise Movement, volunteering with Kent State’s Campus Kitchen, phonebanking, and interning at the Kent State Women’s Center, I have seen that if we unite as citizens of our communities, sharing the belief that we are all worthy of the pursuit of our own happiness and wellbeing, we can create meaningful change through empathy, inclusivity, and teamwork.

Isobel Day
Political Science with a Public Policy Concentration: Class of December 2023
written 2022

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