Isabelle Runge

Palm Beach Atlantic University

From the time that I met Isabelle Runge, at her incoming freshman orientation, I was impressed with her...Before even moving into her residence hall, she wanted to know how to get involved in the wider Palm Beach County community...Isabelle stands as an example of a Palm Beach Atlantic University student who is engaging both her heart and her mind to solve the problems around her. I expect great things from Isabelle in her next three years at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Mr. William M.B. Fleming
Palm Beach Atlantic University

Personal Statement

I see that every individual is created by God with distinct talents, gifts, and abilities. I do not believe that a person's life should be defined or limited by the economic circumstances they were born into. Through founding Kingdom Courts, I started to act out that belief, by making sure that children and teenagers in impoverished urban areas, could play at a basketball court that was as nice as the courts that I got to play on daily. When looking at large scale injustice, it is easy to become intimidated at the size of the task. I have found that you just have to start- however small, whether that be with a smile, a hug, or a shared basketball game. Volunteering has not just changed the communities that I have worked in, but it has also changed me. Volunteering has become the tangible display of the compassion, I feel towards others. My engagement in the community around me has revealed to me my own gifts and abilities, which I want to use to encourage my peers to become change makers on campus and in the community.

Isabelle Runge
Major: Psychology Minor: Cross Cultural Studies: Class of May 2019
written 2016

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