Isabella Farinas

Montgomery County Community College

Isabella Farinas, a dual-enrolled student at Montgomery County Community College, was selected as a fellow for the national Campus Election Engagement Project. She led a non-partisan "Get Out and Vote" drive, organized debate watch parties, and hosted information tables on the importance of being a registered voter leading up to the 2016 presidential election. As a Campus Election Engagement Project fellow, Isabella received training from the regional office, and participated in bi-weekly conference calls with fellows across Pennsylvania to further develop civic engagement programs on college campuses. Isabella's commitment to collaborative action to achieve long-term social change is visible in her work completed through the Campus Election Engagement Project, and she continues to support civic engagement opportunities while she completes her associates degree.

Kevin Pollock
Montgomery County Community College

Personal Statement

As a child I was introduced to the political process and the importance of giving back to your community by my mother, who is politically active and dedicated her extra time to local campaigns. I grew up attending political events, as well as spending time volunteering for candidates running for office. As a high school student, I have participated in volunteer projects within my community, and I am extremely passionate when it comes to service and civic engagement. As a democracy, we are given the privilege to participate in the governing and electoral process. During the 2016 Presidential Election I had the unique opportunity to make a difference at my college by serving as a fellow with the Campus Election Engagement Project. The Campus Election Engagement Project provided me with the resources to impact voters of diverse ages, races, and genders, and support each citizen through education and empowerment to be an active participant in the political and governing process.

Isabella Farinas
Dual Enrolled Student : Class of 2018
written 2017

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