Isabella Dominique

American University

Isabella Dominique, a senior double majoring in Communications, Law, Economics, & Government (CLEG) and Political Science, has spent her undergraduate career for advocating for social justice and specifically towards combating educational inequalities through literacy education and challenging racial injustices and inequalities, on campus, in Washington, D.C., and internationally. Isabella's approach is to engage directly with students and communities to understand their needs in order to work together to foster change. Inspired by the attendees of the Multicultural Alumni Reunion (MCAR), Isabella is currently working with the NAACP to start a series of workshops centered on creating community amongst black students because many of these students do not feel as connected to the campus community.

Sylvia Burwell
American University

Personal Statement

I have dedicated much of my time and energy to service and justice since moving to D.C. for college. I grew up with immense privilege and never quite felt injustice firsthand. However, upon becoming more involved with my studies and AU's Center for Community Engagement and Service, I was able to see exactly how institutionalized racism affects African Americans in every single walk of life. I have spent the last three years volunteering with the Higher Achievement Program which provides mentorship to minority students about social justice themes through math and English. I served as the Chair of the Black Graduation Planning Committee and demonstrated a longstanding need black students had for the ceremony, which celebrates our accomplishments in higher education. I served as the Vice President of AU's NAACP and have fought hard to build greater community among black students, staff, faculty, and alumni so that we are able to effectively fight back against the racism that plagues our community. I also helped develop AU's Civil Discourse Program which challenges the intentions our words have and fosters civility and productive conversation. I vow to continuously live dedicated to social justice and service.

Isabella Dominique
CLEG (Communications, Law, Economics, Goverment) and Political Science : Class of 2020
written 2019

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