Iman Elkhashab

Widener University

Iman Elkhashab is a global human rights advocate. She is a sophomore, Biology honors student involved in a variety of leadership pursuits such as the French Club, International Club and Biological Society. She is the chair of the Student Sustainability Committee, recruiting students to be advocates for environmental awareness in non-partisan efforts. She is a scientific researcher on endophytic fungi and its relationship with host plants. Iman has presented at several student project days and was awarded a university science award. Iman is an Apogee Scholar in the Oskin Leadership Institute, recognized for her leadership developing community translation programs. Iman has taught ESL and served globally in Egypt and Honduras. As a Presidential Service Corps Bonner Leader, Iman serves 300 hours per academic year addressing local food and malnutrition issues in the Chester community. Beyond volunteering, Iman is an advocate for women's health and environmental protection. She has participated in several protests and marches that advocate for women's rights and equality for all.

Julie Wollman
Widener University

Personal Statement

I am invested in addressing the lack of women's rights and inadequate healthcare for women around the world. I have lived in a third-world country and have seen and experienced these inadequacies on a first-person basis. As a result, I am dedicating my career path to advocate for women's rights. I am majoring in Biology with a minor in French on a pre-medical track. After graduation, I hope to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology, and travel to third-world countries to educate women on self-care and provide first-world medical treatment. Currently, I work in a community urban farm to help provide basic needs such as fresh food. The idea is to plant a seed in this generation to put aside our differences and help society function more holistically and in a more accepting way. Additionally, I have personally lived and experienced the effects of political turmoil. I lived in Egypt for most of my life, and experienced the Egyptian Revolution; through that experience I was able to gain insight about the world and find my purpose. As a result, I help organize others to protest and march for the improvement of healthcare for women all around the world.

Iman Elkhashab
Biology: Class of May 2019
written 2017

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