Hunter Childers

White Mountains Community College

Hunter Childers is a senior Human Services student at White Mountains Community College. He is presently participating in his internship at the community crisis center, RESPONSE.
During his affiliation with RESPONSE, Hunter helped organize an event at our college to bring awareness to the student body that men can stop rape and violence towards women. In addition, he engaged a group of highly motivated men within the community to participate in "Voices of Men," taking a pledge for No More Violence. Many students took this pledge as well.

Hunter takes call for RESPONSE which is a 24 hour hotline for men and women who are victims of sexual assault, abuse, and domestic violence. He also provides outreach to the Berlin, Groveton, and Colebrook communities and schools, distributing information and education on these topics. The Director of RESPONSE praises Hunter's work and is in the process of assisting him to become an AmeriCorps worker and continue his professional relationship with the center.

According to his Professor, Hunter "is an incredible student. He is always on task with assignments. He communicates very effectively. He is doing an outstanding job at his internship. I would highly recommend him for this award. He is definitely a leader and someone who will dominate his field in the future."

Matthew Wood
White Mountains Community College

Personal Statement

From a rather young age, I have been instilled with the idea that helping one's fellow man can be the most rewarding investment. With over 300 trackable hours of commitment to RESPONSE, the local crisis center, I can say that the philosophy came to fruition. The responsibilities have ranged from that of a perseverant volunteer to a dedicated intern: outreach, education, fundraising, assisted direct services, co-hosting awareness events, attending conferences, and office-related computations. Though, one of my ultimate achievements was the formation of a "Voices of Men" group, a collaboration of men in the community who hold leadership positions, to identify issues and perform positive role-modelling to the youth and community. From all of the aforementioned goals, I have gained skills that continue to aid in personal growth and the community at large. Additionally, the current goal is to become an AmeriCorps representative so that I may provide aid for the clientele in a more meaningful way.

Hunter Childers
Human Services: Class of 2016
written 2016

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