Holly Francescone

Elizabethtown College

Holly Francescone is an exceptionally motivated student who lives out the motto of Elizabethtown College: "Educate for Service."

The rapid pace of change in the global economy demands innovative leaders attuned to both wider trends and local needs. Ms. Francescone is quickly advancing on this path. She is engaged in collaborative projects with students, faculty, and staff on campus and with community stakeholders that address more socially just approaches to economic development and ecological sustainability.

Ms. Francescone's interest in using business approaches to solve local problems led to her involvement in the College's Social Enterprise Institute. Through the Institute, she is engaged in an economic ecology project that is expected to guide the siting of the new business locations, minimizing ecological impact while helping to maximize economic impact and treating the Susquehanna River as a vital piece of the local ecosystem and economy. Her involvement in this collective, public-private effort is a model for cross-sector engagement that involves both business and stakeholders in the wider community. Her long-term goal is to work in social enterprise ventures that will benefit others around the world by uniting cutting-edge business practices with a commitment to working in close partnership with local community members.

Carl Strikwerda
Elizabethtown College

Personal Statement

When I was 14 years old, I participated in my first mission trip to Laca'jue Haiti. During this trip I learned two important things: poverty cannot be solved by charitable donations and well wishes, and I am not content with just being a "participant." After this trip, I decided I needed to use my position to make substantial, permanent changes in impoverished communities around the world. As I continued to travel the world and learn about diverse cultures and societal issues, I felt myself being pulled towards the fields of microeconomics and economic development.

I am working through my roles as a student to begin to make an impact on global poverty issues. One of these roles is through the Social Enterprise Institute of Elizabethtown College, where I work alongside professors and graduate fellows on projects that address cultural, social, and economic issues. By engaging in projects like these, I am working towards a greater goal of eradicating global poverty and hunger through a career in the non-profit sector. My hope is that I will be able to empower people in poverty by providing the resources and skills necessary to lift their entire community to a higher standard of living.

Holly Francescone
Business Administration - Finance: Class of May 2020
written 2018

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