Hoang Dao

California State University East Bay

As a junior in Cal State East Bay's Hospitality and Tourism program, Hoang Dao exemplifies a dedication to civic engagement and community advocacy. Hoang has consistently been involved in community service projects and organizations that serve the local area. During his first year, he participated in the Freshmen Day of Service, and felt called to do more. Hoang has distinguished himself as a leader among students, holding officer positions with the campus chapter of the national service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega and our student government body. Through Pioneers for Change, Hoang leads monthly service projects to engage Cal State East Bay students and works closely with freshmen to inspire them to get involved. Hoang’s volunteerism includes the arts and environmentalism. He has led collection drives for needy families and helped fundraise for St. Jude Medical Foundation. A first-generation college student fluent in Vietnamese, Hoang interns with the Social Security Administration, and recently conducted outreach to the California State Legislature on behalf of DACA students. His passion for serving his community is evident and steadfast. His commitment to improving the lives of others through service is both commendable and impressive.

Dr. Leroy Morishita
California State University East Bay

Personal Statement

As a first generation, Vietnamese-American student, I am passionate about being involved in my campus and community. Community Engagement has been an integral part of my identity for most of my life. I started serving in Student Government in middle school, and have continued at Cal State East Bay. I have been involved in Greek Life, joining a service fraternity, and in my sophomore year joined Pioneers for Change, a service learning leadership program, which enables me to have a broader impact on both the campus and community. Through Pioneers for Change, I motivate and lead other students in community service projects and serve directly within community organizations. I hope to inspire others to make a difference in their communities, and believe that the strength of a community lies in our connections with each other that are built through community service. As a Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism major, I have been studying issues of diversity and social justice as relates to global industries. Ultimately I would like to travel internationally to encourage others to lead change in their communities by participating in service.

Hoang Dao
Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism: Class of 2021
written 2020

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