Haley Creef

East Carolina University

Haley Creef, a sophomore finance and economics major at East Carolina University, is a student leader active in addressing social and economic inequalities throughout campus and the community. Throughout high school, she worked closely with the local homeless shelter addressing issues of food insecurity. She has been recognized by the regional chapter of Girl Scouts of America for her work with the homeless population in eastern North Carolina. Her interest in community development has led her to serve as a campus champion for voting rights and civic participation. Coupled with her involvement with ECU's Student Government Association, Haley has developed a keen interest in causes related to active citizenship, particularly with respect to voter education and awareness. She also serves on the university's tuition and finance committee, offering an important student perspective regarding university resources and student access. Her community interests align well with her academic interests; currently, she is engaged in undergraduate research with a faculty mentor -- a high impact practice -- on factors affecting unemployment rates. Ultimately, she hopes to build on these experiences and aim for a career in economic and sustainable development, ideally working with the World Bank and offering micro-lending services to developing countries.

Cecil Staton
East Carolina University

Personal Statement

I am passionate about creating lasting, positive change. I graduated high school as a Senior Girl Scout, and I credit this organization for developing my interest in civic engagement and active citizenship. I've grown up in eastern North Carolina, a region with a strong spirit but limited resources. I earned my Gold Award by working with leaders of a local shelter to develop a bagged lunch program for people experiencing homelessness. During my work at the shelter, I was exposed to a wide variety of social and economic inequalities happening right in my own backyard. These experiences ignited a spark within me to use my resources to lead and serve. Before I started my first year at ECU, I accepted a leadership position on campus focused on voter education and involvement. I love the position because it combines education, activism, and community engagement. Through this position and my other volunteer commitments, I have the opportunity to develop strong programs that address voting issues, racial tensions, and student apathy. All of these issues are interconnected and stand as a reflection of the civic health of our community. This community is my home, and my goal is to make it stronger.

Haley Creef
Finance, Economics: Class of 2020
written 2018

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