Guadalupe Guerrero

Mott Community College

Guadalupe Guerrero is an honors student at Mott Community College (Flint, MI) who has made an impact in the Flint community as a civically engaged student leader. Much of her impact has focused on advocating for victims of abuse and addressing gender inequalities in accessing resources for health and well-being. Her leadership skills were especially evident in her role as president of the MCC’s Feminist League. As part of the Greater Flint “Take Back the Night” campaign, she organized a united voice to advocate for change by partnering with numerous community agencies with a vested interest in these issues. She also organized a fundraiser for more sustainable feminine hygiene resources. Through these networking opportunities, Guadalupe continues to find avenues to help individuals know who their allies are and how they can make a difference. Her assertiveness along with her rapport-building skills are a significant part of her success to empower others to advocate for change.

Dr. Beverly Walker-Griffea
Mott Community College

Personal Statement

I am tired, yet I am tirelessly working for change. Throughout this year, I have been active at my college and in my community addressing issues of inequity and injustice. To address sexual assault, I helped plan the first Greater Flint “Take Back the Night” event, where our community stood together to advocate for the victims by organizing a rally, march, and speak-outs for victims to share their stories. As president of Mott Community College’s Feminist League, I organized a book drive for the College’s Early Childhood Learning Center to ensure that children of Flint have access to resources for a better future. I believe organization and unity is the key to change and we can no longer wait for someone to fix the world's problems. Organized efforts like these helped me to realize who our allies are in making the change we desperately need. We have waited too long for a savior, but now we realize that the power is within us. It is time to act. Whether it is helping children stuck in border jails or women who are victims of human trafficking, through organized efforts I believe we can make tangible change and prevent these tragedies.

Guadalupe Guerrero
Biochemistry: Class of 2020
written 2020

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