Glendy Alvarez

Stonehill College

Glendy Alvarez, a third year student at Stonehill College, is an active student leader and advocate for justice. Glendy’s commitment to social justice is evident in her efforts to create change on campus and in the local community. Since Glendy’s first year of college, she has been a part of the Justice Scholar Program which engages students in the work of justice, scholarship and service. Glendy served in the local community with multiple service sites throughout her college career and participated in two service immersion experiences. This semester, she is studying in Nepal, Jordan and Chile with a focus on Human Rights. In her own words, Glendy wants to devote her life to public service, and dreams of creating a non-profit in the United States or internationally that addresses immigration and criminal justice reform. Glendy is an inspiration to all whom she meets and a beacon of hope for the transformation of society.

Rev. John Denning
Stonehill College

Personal Statement

To me, the amount of injustices in the world reminds me why it is important to devote my life to public service. I want to create a non-profit that addresses immigration and criminal justice reform. The nonprofit responsibility is to not just advocate for the mission of their organization but to be a voice for the broader service delivery system that supports disenfranchised populations. Nonprofits play a fundamental role in creating more equitable and thriving communities. One of my goals is to open conversations on civic engagement and compare and contrast each other countries political system and how human rights are dealt with. Furthermore, Public service to me means utilizing my privilege, my knowledge, and sharing that to uplift not only my community but surrounding communities and even internationally. Public service can be a challenging role to partake in, however, it is rewarding to see that through the work of service you are able to shed light on communities where all they see or are portrayed by darkness. I hope to further enhance my leadership skills to be a better advocate for marginalized individuals and to dismantle the systemic racism that oppresses them.

Glendy Alvarez
Political Science: Class of 2021
written 2020

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