Georgia Harrison

Northern Michigan University

Georgia Harrison, a second year student studying ecology from Martin, Michigan, is an active leader at Northern Michigan University. She is committed to getting other students involved in campus sustainability and is determined to be a catalyst for change in her community. Georgia understands the immense value of institutionalizing student sustainability and has learned a great deal through being involved in campus sustainability groups, especially from her position as a student co-coordinator for the Northern Climate Network. Over the past two years, she has been interested in facilitating connections between students and the local community including hosting Student Forums, a People's Climate Walk, and a monthly Climate@NOON on-campus colloquium series. She feels that this is a first step in helping develop civically-engaged, well-informed, and effective agents of change for future social, economic, and environmental sustainability. She is actively working toward the development of a "Green Fund" to support campus sustainability initiatives and constructing a Student Sustainability Educator ("Eco-Rep") Program.

Fritz Erickson
Northern Michigan University

Personal Statement

I have seen the power of student involvement, and I know the vast depth of students' motivation and passion to be an agents of change in their community. I am actively working to formalize student involvement in campus sustainability at Northern Michigan University. Adding on to my previous civic leadership roles including titles such as "student co-coordinator" for the Northern Climate Network, "volunteer center and Superior Edge student coordinator" for the Center for Student Enrichment, I am currently working with many other motivated students and helpful faculty to develop a "Green Fund" to support campus sustainability initiatives and Student Sustainability Educator ("Eco-Rep") Program. These initiatives have allowed me to gain an insight to the development and execution of diverse policies and organizations. From initial meetings to gathering student insight, leading up to the hopeful launch, there is a great deal of effort necessary. As these programs continue to develop, I know important work will be done during my remaining time at Northern Michigan University. I hope to provide a great deal of opportunities and connections for younger and future students so they too may work for what they're passionate about and become actively involved in their community.

Georgia Harrison
Biology with a concentration in ecology: Class of May 2018
written 2017

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