Gary Kinney

Muskingum University

Gary Kinney, a sophomore at Muskingum University, is a student leader engaged in collaborative action to create change in issues surrounding inclusivity of multicultural students and advancing leadership opportunities for underrepresented populations at small liberal arts universities. When Gary joined the campus community as a first year student, he immediately became a pivotal member of the Muskingum Programming Board. His involvement has since evolved; he is an elected member of the Black Student Union Executive Board, serves as a Resident Assistant, Muskie Ambassador of Diversity, One Love Facilitator, and member of Kappa Sigma, Order of Omega, a Tour Guide, and an Orientation leader for Muskie Preview. Gary has set purpose-driven goals around issues of social justice. Gary is an exceptional student leader who puts compassion, intentionality, and motivation into improving the community not only on campus but, locally and nationally. He not only uphold the values of Muskingum University but also embodies those of Dr. Frank Newman. He is a passionate advocate for creating opportunities for diverse students to excel and succeed in a university setting.

Dr. Susan Hasseler
University President
Muskingum University

Personal Statement

Muskingum has afforded me the opportunity to explore multiple majors and be involved in a variety of organizations on campus. These experiences have helped me to realize my passion is working with different types of people making sure that our campus is a diverse and an inclusive one. I want to create an environment where all student's voices, especially the marginalized ones, are heard. It has been the effort of students, faculty and staff who have helped me shape this ideology. After my search through multiple majors, I have come to the conclusion that Sociology is the major that will help me moving forward and pave the way for me to do impactful work surrounding diversity and inclusion. My involvement in our Black Student Union and the Muskie Ambassadors of Diversity has not only helped me become a leader on this campus, but has provided a platform for me to use my voice to educate the student body to the issues that underrepresented students face. A motto that Muskingum University has adopted from President Sue Hassler, states that Muskingum "educate the whole person for the whole world". I am grateful I have been given the opportunity to do just that. I want to help educate my peers and create a community where we educate the whole person for the whole world.

Gary Kinney
Sociology: Class of 2021
written 2019

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