Frida Endinjok

California State University, Northridge

Frida Endinjok is a passionate young woman who is committed to advancing healthy lifestyles through the scientific study of food science and nutrition. Her research is based on a model of community engagement, where key findings are applied to make real world change, specifically related to reductions in obesity, increase of food access and overall quality of life. Frida is a Master Gardener, and a leader in the development of "Let's Grow Healthy", a school-based program focused on healthy eating and school gardens implemented in several of the socio-economically challenged communities in the San Fernando Valley. She was recently awarded the Clinton Foundation Resolution Project grant and fellowship to help build additional gardens in the community. Frida is the chapter president of CSUN's Food Recovery Network (FRN), a campus organization that recovers unused food from campus and delivers to community agencies in need. CSUN's FRN has been recognized as one of the most active university-based recovery agencies in the nation. Frida is an NIH BUILD PODER scholar and mentee, a research assistant at the Marilyn Magaram Center, a member of the Student Dietetic & Food Science Assoc., and a member of the Kappa Omicron Nu student honor society. Frida has been leading and facilitating a Peer Financial Mentoring Program, where she brings interdisciplinary approaches that combine financial literacy, nutrition, and other aspect of health and well being to college students and surrounding community. Upon completing her undergraduate studies, Frida plans to apply to doctoral programs in Public Health where she will explore the biochemical and behavioral impacts of nutrition and their relationship to diabetes and other chronic and preventable diseases.

Dianne F. Harrison
California State University, Northridge

Personal Statement

There is an important relationship between diet and health. Food is the basic source of nourishment and health for all. Most importantly, nutrition is a human right. For this reason, I am passionate about nutrition. As a Nutrition and Dietetics major, I want to help establish healthy eating behaviors in my community. For this reason, I developed the "Let's Grow Healthy" program that delivers hands-on garden enhanced nutrition education at local schools. At CSUN, I coordinate the Marilyn Magaram Center Wellness Garden that offers gardening workshops, produce, and projects for the CSUN community. Also, I am involved in the Food Recovery Network. Our mission is to fight food waste on campus by diverting good food that would otherwise been thrown away to our local shelters. As well, I have served the CSUN student community by coordinating the Peer Financial Mentoring Program that delivers financial literacy workshops. Not to mention, that nutrition on a budget is one of our main topics. My goal is to provide the tools, education, and motivation for a good nutrition for all.

Frida Endinjok
Nutrition and Dietetics: Class of 2019
written 2017

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