Flor (Jasmin) Chavez Cruz

McDaniel College

Jasmin Chavez is a Salvadoran-American second year student at McDaniel College, double majoring in Political Science and Spanish. She is a social justice activist from Falls Church, VA who is passionate about Latino rights, community service and education. For the past five years Jasmin has made it her mission to advocate for the Latino community by holding town halls and marches in Virginia. This past year Jasmin held STEM workshops in her community for children in elementary and middle school. Approximately 50 children built rockets, volcanoes and robots. They not only learned the importance of a career in STEM, but were empowered to stay in school and become leaders in their community.

This past summer Jasmin served as a Young Ambassador intern at the White House Initiative on Education Excellence for Hispanics. Jasmin was able to help Latinos all across the country, advance in their education and continue to follow their dreams. She plans to serve her community by running for Congress in the future and hopes to be an inspiration to students who come from low-income backgrounds and are first generation in their family. Jasmin will be awarded a silver Presidential Service Award this February in Washington, DC.

Roger N. Casey
McDaniel College

Personal Statement

The passion that burns in my heart with vigor is the passion that only comes from serving others. I grew up in an underserved community in Fall Church, Virginia and I saw the inequalities and the lack of resources that were available to the students of color at my high school. As a freshman in high school, I created my own student program called: The STAR program, for low-income students like me. Today, this program still stands, and 60 students have graduated from the program since I first founded it in 2011. Approximately, 80% of the students have gone off to pursue higher education.

My true purpose in life is to advance the Latino community through education. I want to dedicate my life to serving my people in the education sector, Congress, the Senate, and ultimately in the highest political office on earth someday. It is in my heart to help my brothers and sisters. I do not just want to lead alone; I want them to lead with me.

Flor (Jasmin) Chavez Cruz
Political Science and Spanish: Class of May 2019
written 2017

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