Fiorenza Herrera Diaz

Miami Dade College

Fiorenza Herrera Diaz is a 2nd year student in MDC's Honors College who has excelled academically and is a demonstrated civic leader and problem-solver. She has a perfect 4.0 GPA and has led numerous civic activities here on behalf of the College. She serves as an Andrew Goodman Vote Everywhere Ambassador and organized a myriad of voter registration and voter education activities and was instrumental in helping two MDC campuses be designated as early voting sites for the first time in history. She is a leader in MDC's college-wide changemaking initiative as President of the Changemaking Ambassador Council. She is president of the Financial Literacy Club and helped implement the Up to Us program to educate her peers about solutions to the national debt. She was also part of a team that won first place at the American Bar Association's Social Justice Hackathon for their solution to improve the relationship between law enforcement and communities of color, and she was selected to attend the 2018 Clinton Global Initiative University. As Fiorenza says, "I know that not everyone has the same opportunities as me and that pushes me to be grateful and to dedicate time to serve my community."

Dr. Eduardo Padron
Miami Dade College

Personal Statement

At an early age, my parents introduced the concept of service by taking me twice a week to volunteer giving out food to families at a local ministry. Besides spending family time, I was able to interact and listen to individuals with different life stories than mine. Through this experience, I slowly began to develop an interest in a wide range of social issues such as poverty, homelessness, immigration, the refugee crisis, criminal justice, and education inequality. On campus, I serve as an Andrew Goodman Vote Everywhere Ambassador where I work on registering students to vote and raising awareness on important social issues. I'm also a Changemaking Ambassador where I help students create positive change in their communities by connecting their passion to action, and educating them about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. I also lead the Financial Literacy Club which focuses on teaching students important financial topics. My mission is to live a life of honesty, integrity, and love. I aim to inspire others and use my voice to advocate for those who do not have one. I am committed to improving my community and making this world a better place by supporting what is just.

Fiorenza Herrera Diaz
International economics/international development: Class of 2019
written 2019

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