Evan LeBeau

Greenfield Community College

A passionate and civically-minded early college student, Evan LeBeau is pursuing an Associate in Arts Liberal Arts degree while simultaneously completing his high school diploma. As a member of his high school’s IT Pathways program, Evan helped run the school’s IT helpdesk and edited the school’s website. This experience led to an internship for the City of Northampton as a System Analyst where he assisted in the setup and replacement of the city’s computer and telecommunication network. On campus, Evan serves as the Treasurer of the Greenfield Community College Student Senate and is the College’s representative to the MA Student Advisory Council. Evan is motivated by service to his community.
In June 2020, Evan became a Field Fellow for the Ed Markey for Senate Campaign. Through this work, he developed working relationships with local city officials and community leaders to raise voter Identification and turnout. He spent the summer doing voter outreach through phone banking. He organized phone banks for local volunteers across Hampshire County to volunteer with the campaign. He worked with local election officials to increase voter turnout for the September primary.
Evan exemplifies the civic leadership that the Newman Fellowship celebrates. We are so proud of Evan LeBeau!

Yves Salomon-Fernandez
Greenfield Community College

Personal Statement

For any great society, the genuine bellwether is access to good quality education for everyone. If we forgo access to education for the members of this society, it will begin to crumble. In order to continue creating a critical thinking, communicative, open society, the people must be well educated to be engaged members. Throughout my education, I have had to fight hard to get to where I am today. But it was not until my freshman year of high school when, due to medical issues I was unable to go to school for an extended time, I truly learned to value the public education system that I am fortunate to have had. From standing up for educational injustices within my school, to speaking up for fair wages that show the value of educators in my school district, to campaigning for candidates that know the importance of education in our society and want to improve the educational landscape in our country, I have worked hard for my education and that of my peers. We must work to strengthen our public education system and make affordable access to higher education for those who otherwise would not be able to access higher education.

Evan LeBeau
Liberal Arts: Class of 21-Dec
written 2021

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