Eunice Muchemi

Sewanee: The University of the South

Eunice Muchemi, a third-year student at Sewanee: The University of the South, majoring in International and Global Studies with a minor in Women and Gender Studies, actively addresses the global issue of gender violence. In 2017, she served as a Research, Policy, and Advocacy Intern at the Center for Domestic Violence Prevention in Kampala, Uganda, and as an Intern with A Ban Against Neglect in Accra, Ghana, which supports underserved women and children. Inspired by her academic and engaged work abroad, she has become a Leadership Fellow at Sewanee. In that capacity, she is living and working in Bairnwick Women's Center to raise awareness about domestic violence and issues related to intersectionality. As president of the African Caribbean Student Association, she promotes awareness and celebration of African and Caribbean cultures while also fostering a welcoming environment for Sewanee's students, faculty, and staff. As a Posse Scholar, she has been involved in the facilitation of numerous workshops and the planning of two retreats that provide a platform for the Sewanee campus students, staff, and faculty to discuss the nature of linguistic micro-aggressions and challenge of identity to inclusivity in American culture. As a Leadership Fellow, she is working on a team of cross-campus leaders charged with designing a sustainable solution for addressing negative features of undergraduate drinking culture.

John McCardell
Vice-Chancellor / President
Sewanee: The University of the South

Personal Statement

Having deep roots in East Africa influenced my passions by exposing me to flaws within patriarchal societies. This put me on a track to study and contribute to the global women's rights movement. As a high-schooler, I was a president of the Women's Advocacy Club and attended feminist leadership summit. While studying at the University of the South, the liberal arts curriculum and experiences abroad helped me to locate my focus within my passion, the intersection of development and gender-based violence. As an intern with a women's rights organization in East Africa, I saw firsthand the detrimental impact domestic violence could have on development efforts. These experiential learning opportunities illuminated the importance of an effective and sustainable non-profit that is situated with the community. I have brought these lessons back to my campus through my work with our Women's Center and African and Caribbean Student Association. I have helped to provide training on domestic violence awareness for students and facilitate discussions of the intersections of multiple identities within the women's movement. I am committed to finding ways to collaborate in our rural setting to create spaces for women to mentor and lift up the next generation of women's rights advocates.

Eunice Muchemi
International Global Studies, Women and Gender Studies : Class of May 2019
written 2018

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