Erin Provenzano

Purdue University North Central

Erin Provenzano, a junior at Purdue University North Central, is a dedicated champion for young children and their families. She applies the knowledge and skills from her area of study - early childhood education - to tirelessly advocate for our youngest citizens. Erin has demonstrated a strong commitment to social justice in her service to Compass International Family Center, a local organization that supports language learning and education for immigrant, refugee and visiting international families as they adjust to a new culture. Erin serves as the Early Childhood Service Learning mentor to first-year early childhood students and collaborates with her classmates to implement a variety of programs that connect the campus with surrounding communities. Erin has been awarded local and state-wide funding to support her efforts. Erin's pursuit of positive social change embodies the University's mission of learning, discovery and engagement. As she continues to address the need for access to quality early care and education, her work will have an impact on our campus, our community and beyond.

Dr James B Dworkin
Purdue University North Central

Personal Statement

I have always had the desire and passion to serve others in the community, an integral part of who I am. I have a love for people, building relationships and making a positive impact on those I meet. Through service, I find joy and reward in helping others and impacting systems. I have been involved in various leadership roles in multiple community organizations as a volunteer. I am a non-traditional student with a background in social work which benefits me in my pursuit of civic engagement opportunities. I am able to identify service gaps or needs and take initiative to make a change. For example, I serve at Compass International Family Center. This organization serves families through tutoring K-12 students, adult English Language classes, citizenship classes, and a preschool program. As I have served at Compass, I have identified a need to bridge the gap between school and home. I successfully co-wrote and implemented a grant project that created backpacks that would span this gap and richly benefit the families served. In my role as a future educator, I will continue to actively engage in my community through service, grant-writing and lobbying to positively impact the lives of others.

Erin Provenzano
BS Early Childhood Education: Class of 2017
written 2016

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