Erin Davison

Saint Joseph's University

Erin Davison, a third year international relations major and health care ethics minor at Saint Joseph's University (SJU), is a passionate student leader dedicated to being an agent of change on campus and in the local community. With a personal and professional goal of working toward developing sensitive and relevant programs that address community challenges, Erin integrates evidence-based findings with her demonstrated commitment and zeal to inform change. In addition to extensive community service roles in the field of education and mental health, Erin has assisted with policy planning and advocacy at a regional Mental Health America affiliate and as an intern for the European Parliament. On campus, Erin is the Founding Vice President of SJU's Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) chapter, a non-partisan student group developed to educate and address issues of peace and social justice. SJU's CFPA chapter specifically focuses on training students to engage in grassroots organizing and action campaigns promoting climate justice and global sustainable development. A major component of Erin's role as Vice President is keeping students updated on relevant policy decisions, and enabling students to effectively contact their elected representatives. Erin exemplifies a thoughtful, civic-minded leader and SJU's first Newman Civic Fellow.

Mark Reed Ed.D.
Saint Joseph's University

Personal Statement

The United States is increasingly divided, and that is reflected in our health and education. Many existing civic programs focus on lessening the gap but fall short of directly addressing root causes such as poverty,racism,and unemployment. My professional goal is to be an agent of change,working towards developing relevant, collaborative programs that address these challenges. Over the course of my college career I have developed a passion for addressing educational and health disparities existing within the U.S. and abroad. By working in both local and global communities, I have learned that socially conscious public policy and equitable social structures provide a strong foundation for change. Through my work with Mental Health America and as Vice President of my university's Coalition for Peace Action chapter,I have seen how public policy can build off community-based work to create broad-based institutional change. Additionally, internships with the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia and Women's Campaign International have provided me with an increased understanding of how educating marginalized groups can empower entire communities. These experiences in the U.S.,and my internship at the European Parliament in Brussels, have led me to seek a career in international education development and public policy.

Erin Davison
International Relations Major/ Health Care Ethics Minor: Class of 2019
written 2018

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