Emmanuel Thombs

Wittenberg University

Emmanuel Thombs, a financial economics major and second year student at Wittenberg University, has served as the freshman class president and vice president of the Student Senate. Since arriving on campus, he has shown a passion for providing outlets for his peers to voice their opinions and bridging divides in our community. His approach to leadership is to take time to listen and process, and when necessary take a step into the uncomfortable gap between groups. Building off the momentum of helping individuals create strategies for improvement, he plans to connect his academic interest of understanding the allocation and use of resources on a national level to positively impact individuals who need financial support in their day-to-day lives. He believes that one way to address economic inequality is by seeking out ways to help all members of the community make informed financial choices.

Dr. Michael Frandsen
Wittenberg University

Personal Statement

I believe that I have a duty to use my voice for others, especially in a world where many face persecution for standing up for their beliefs. The idea of igniting change and solving problems within a society motivates me to tackle issues in the communities of which I am a part. Since coming to college, I’ve had the opportunity to create outlets where I am able to use my voice to make a difference. In my time on Student Senate, I’ve helped to create spaces for conversation which ignite thought and allow our community to engage in civil discourse for the purpose of connecting the ties that seemingly draw us apart. A specific issue that I am passionate about is economic inequality. I first gained interest in addressing issues of economic inequality growing up watching my mother work pro-bono as a bankruptcy attorney. While seeing her change the lives of thousands of people brought me much pride, it concurrently made me aware that there were far too many people in difficult situations that could have been prevented. Growing up in that environment, I learned quickly that financial literacy is imperative in reversing the effects of generational economic inequality.

Emmanuel Thombs
Financial Economics, Political Science: Class of 2022
written 2020

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