Emma Callahan

Schoolcraft College

Emma Callahan, a sophomore at Schoolcraft College, is a student leader who is an active participant in a variety of civic engagement projects, but is most interested in women's issues. In middle and high schools, Emma organized food and clothing drives, organized a prom for senior citizens, and volunteered at a food bank. Her passion for service led her to a remarkable project at Schoolcraft College: after learning of the backlog of thousands of untested rape kits in Detroit, Emma knew she needed to take action. She researched the issue, searched for partners to raise funds and awareness, and together they launched a can drive and a women's self-defense demonstration. Emma's research included attending the Second Annual Let's End Campus Sexual Assault Summit which educated her on efforts to push for stricter sexual assault law enforcement and prevention methods in Michigan. "This is something I am passionate about," said Emma. "(The summit) helped me to use interpersonal skills to speak to legislators and people of change." Emma's passion for effective change clearly fuels her natural intellectual curiosity and research. She has accomplished so much already, image what she'll do in the future!

Conway Jeffress
Schoolcraft College

Personal Statement

I have always been extremely interested in helping with women's issues. I attended the Let's End Campus Sexual Assault Summit and wanted to become even more involved. I was introduced to the Enough SAID project in Detroit through the Scholars Honors Program at my school. I spoke with the organization and learned of the hundreds of rape kits in Detroit that are going untested, collecting dust, due to inadequate funding. This project is helping give closure to the victims and the crimes. This is when I decided to fundraise. I organized a can drive on the secondary campus at my school where I collected cans every two weeks. I also partnered with Phi Theta Kappa and a Krav Maga studio to organize a women/'s self-defense seminar to spread awareness about the organization. I plan to continue to advocate for women's issues in the future.

Emma Callahan
Health/Science: Class of 2017
written 2017

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