Eman Magzoub

Foothill College

Eman Magzoub, a second year student at Foothill College, has shown endless dedication and passion for issues related to gender equality and social action. As the current president of "We for She," a student organization dedicated to advocating for gender equity, Eman has demonstrated her commitment and leadership skills by centering club members' wellbeing and empowering them by creating a safe space. Eman has participated in multiple school panels such as Owl Talk (Foothill's TEDx-style talks), People of Color to People of College (an anti-racism teach-in event), and a sexual harassment panel. Courageous and honest, Eman draws from her personal experience and insight to connect with members of the Foothill community.
Eman is the student representative and a board member on the Foothill Blue Ribbon Commision on Race and brings powerful and deeply important perspectives. She speaks her truth courageously and authentically, continuously inspiring those around her. Eman is an integral member of the Foothill community: she writes for the school newspaper, works with student government, and performs her poetry at Foothill events. Eman currently volunteers at a Crisis Text Line and is a Research Assistant at Stanford University's Psychology department. She aspires to become a therapist in the future.

Thuy Nguyen
Foothill College

Personal Statement

I have always been passionate about gender equality. During my first year at Foothill College, I became an active member of the "We For She" Club. I organized an event to open a conversation about the aftermath of sexual misconduct. I felt as though no one discussed the post-trauma struggles, so I organized a panel consisting of survivors, campus Psychological Services, and the Title IX coordinator, to provide a well-rounded discussion by focusing specifically on survivors and their ongoing struggles. I found that the event created a safe space for students affected by these experiences as well as informed them of available resources; students approached me expressing their appreciation for an event that shed light on their silenced post-trauma struggles.

As the president of the club the following year, I was able to grow my own vision of highlighting the importance of providing space for everybody. For example, during the first meeting, members discussed how they struggled with the idea of being "good enough." Thus, I decided to dedicate the whole quarter to practicing self-love. I was able to do so through opening up conversations about insecurities, validating people's emotions, and most importantly, hearing them by being empathetic.

Eman Magzoub
Social Psychology: Class of 2019
written 2019

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