Elpis-Sofia Bougiouk-Ververoglou

Hellenic American University

Elpis-Sofia Bougiouk-Ververoglou, a senior at Hellenic American University, has gone above and beyond in her contribution to the University’s efforts to help those in need. She has completed countless service hours by volunteering at the Hadzikonsta Foundation, an organization that houses and looks after children who are victims of serious family issues.
At the Hadzikonsta Foundation, Elpis-Sofia has taught English and assisted in exam preparation by developing revision and extra practice material. In addition, she conducted mock exams, devoting more than the required time to help them accomplish their learning goals Finally, she further integrated herself into the Hadzikonsta community by taking part in tree plantings and many other events with children from the foundation.

Furthermore, for the past three years Elpis-Sofia has been working voluntarily as a teacher’s assistant at the Hellenic American Union. She has been actively assisting in classroom management and material development for various young learners’ classes. She has also assisted with students who need special assistance and attention, showing her ability to understand children’s’ needs and provide the required support. Elpis-Sofia’s effort and willingness to help has made her an invaluable asset in the classroom.

Mr. Leonidas Koskos
Hellenic American University

Personal Statement

Hellenic American University has provided me with the opportunity to help many children in need through volunteering at the Hadzikonsta Foundation in Athens, Greece. With the guidance of my mentors, I became connected with the organization – one that houses and cares for children who have unfortunate family issues. I have been lucky to serve a population in need. At the Foundation, I taught English and assisted in exam preparation by developing revision and practice material, as well as by conducting mock examinations. Fortunately, my relationships with the children extended outside of the classroom thanks to tree planting events and other community gatherings. In addition to my work with the Hadzikonsta Foundation, I have volunteered for the past three years as a teaching assistant at the Hellenic American Union, my University’s partner institution. Most of my time was spent with young children, especially those who required special assistance and attention. Because of my experiences at the Hellenic American Union as well as the Hadzikonsta Foundation, I hope to become an EFL instructor and revolutionize foreign language teaching by intertwining my two passions, teaching and computing. My dream is to design video games for EFL students of different language levels.

Elpis-Sofia Bougiouk-Ververoglou
Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature: Class of 2021
written 2020

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