Ella Leslie

Westminster College

Ella Leslie is a student who exemplifies the mission of Westminster College. She has worked tirelessly throughout the year to help the students of Westminster work through the Office of Community Engagement to serve the wider community. Ella has, in many ways, dedicated her college career to service. As the President of Service Corps, our service-based student organization, and the treasurer of EcoHouse, a theme house dedicated to education and activism around issues related to the Environment, Ella seems to have her hand in most of the Community Engagement programming we do at Westminster. Currently, she is also the Student Coordinator in charge of planning the Spring Break Service Trip to Fort Worth, Texas, which will take place in March. As the Newman Civic Fellow should be a leader who invests in the well-being of the community and creates long-term solutions to the challenges facing our community; Ella is the perfect candidate. We at Westminster heartily endorse her for this award.

Dr Benjamin Ola Akande
Westminster College

Personal Statement

Throughout my life, serving others has always been where I find the most joy. Growing up as a member of a large family I found my niche in being helpful for my siblings and parents. While helping people had always been a passion of mine, I did not fully recognize my role as a social servant until I became aware of local and global inequalities. I have since been continually aware of how I can give my service to help equality prosper. For example I have helped coordinate multiple citywide service events that allow students to recognize their service influence as well. I have also led various groups of up to 20 other students to help renovate the historic Fulton Theater, to the SERVE food bank, and the local soup kitchen. Additionally during my time at Westminster I have been President of Service Corps and treasurer of EcoHouse and held a key role in the passing of the 2015 Efficiency Fund Campaign. Together these experiences have given me the skills to serve others in the best way possible. I have learned how to ask what is needed and organize a means of filling that need.

Ella Leslie
Biochemistry: Class of 2017
written 2016

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