Elijah Blumberg

Alfred State College

Elijah Blumberg, a second year student at Alfred State College, is a student leader active in residence life programming. He facilitates events that effectively introduce first year students to civic leadership. He is also student manager for the Pioneer Exchange- a campus thrift store designed to meet student needs. He coordinates and trains a student staff that operates this initiative- effectively reducing waste, re-purposing items and clothes, and promoting sustainable sales practices. Elijah is a community builder and problem solver at heart. His passion, innovative ideas, and leadership abilities inspire involvement in others.

Skip Sullivan
Alfred State College

Personal Statement

I think it is most important to inspire student involvement on campus based on my experience as a Resident Assistant, a Civic Engagement Advocate, and most importantly an Alfred State student. Volunteering and political activism are important on a personal level, but getting other students involved to initiate these activities is even more valuable. I used to believe social media was the most effective way to communicate due to the fast paced, busy schedules of students. Now, however, I am convinced that the best way to gauge interest and build relationships is face-to-face. When someone approaches you excited about an upcoming civic engagement opportunity, you will almost always be more interested than if you read it somewhere. This approach has informed how I initiate programming. My vision is to find creative ways to elevate student engagement by creating opportunity for people to meet each other and build community. The more people involved in a project, the more positive change that can happen in our community and on our campus.

Elijah Blumberg
Mechanical Engineering Technology: Class of 2022
written 2020

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