Elhom Gosink

Westminster College

Elhom Gosink is a junior at Westminster College and a shining example of what it means to put education into action. She studies political science in order to gain a deeper understanding of issues related to social inequality, but that learning is never left behind in the classroom. Instead, Elhom takes her knowledge and talents into our local community. She mentors students at East High School, helping them prepare for college and apply for financial aid, and she organizes and inspires her fellow Westminster students to participate as well. She is also working with a group of fellow students to create a statewide "Global Crises and Global Change" conference this year to share leading research on global issues with our students and community members and to provide connections with organizations that are actively working to solve those problems. Her leadership in any project always showcases her ingenuity and creativity, and I have no doubt that her commitment to service, collaboration, and sustainable social change will allow her to empower communities, locally and beyond, for her entire life.

Mr. Stephen Morgan
Westminster College

Personal Statement

In my time at Westminster College, I have done my best to dive into as many opportunities for civic engagement as I can. I love working with our on-campus Center for Civic Engagement and the Center for Spiritual Life, and I have spent many hours volunteering at local schools, including Hawthorne Elementary School and East High School.

In addition to this, I am a Presidential Ambassador, which involves attending special campus events each semester as a student representative. My personal favorite work with this program is when I get to work with incoming students, since they are always so excited to be starting college and I enjoy encouraging that excitement.

My major also has a profound effect on my service and volunteer work. Studying political science opens my eyes to the unfortunate reality that people are not given the same chances in life, and because of this knowledge, I believe that if there is anything I can do to level that playing field I owe it to others, as a member of the community, to do everything I can.

Elhom Gosink
Political Science (focus in International Relations): Class of 2017
written 2016

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