Elham Abraham

Onondaga Community College

In Elham Abraham's time here at Onondaga Community College, she has made a tremendous impact on those around her. In 2016, Elham founded the non-profit organization, Community Care Syracuse which provides New Americans, refugees, and immigrants the critical support and services needed to resettle and rebuild their lives here. Elham works hard to ensure that the families who need her assistance are treated with respect and that no one is turned away. Community Care of Syracuse continues to grow under Elham's leadership, and works in conjunction with other immigrant organizations in Syracuse. By engaging her fellow students in this work, Elham has built bridges of understanding across our community.

Casey Crabill
Onondaga Community College

Personal Statement

In 1978 my parents, immigrants from Palestine, had no clue what to do when they arrived in Syracuse, NY. A language barrier was a challenge along with no employment. My parents are the reason why I am dedicated to helping local refugees in Syracuse. I started volunteering at age of 18 with local organizations that help people with opportunities to a better living. I started my own not-for-profit organization in 2016 called "Community Care of Syracuse" to help local refugees with the basic necessities to help families feel welcomed in Syracuse. I have collaborated with different organizations to gain a better communication of the community's needs. Starting my own organization has encouraged me to become an advocate for local refugees. My goal is to build bridges with local services that can provide resources to refugee families. Community Care has helped hundreds of families settle in Syracuse. Families that came from Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Congolese, Sudan, Iraq, Jordan and Puerto Rico. Starting in the Spring '19 semester, Community Care of Syracuse will be working with Onondaga Community College to provide service-learning opportunities for students. I feel blessed I found my calling to become a part of making a difference in our society and encouraging our community to care goes a long way.

Elham Abraham
Human Services: Class of Summer 2019
written 2019

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