Donna Lewis-Taylor

Alverno College

Alverno College sophomore, Donna Lewis-Taylor is already making an impact on campus as Black Student Alliance President and in our community as an activist and volunteers with Milwaukee Reentry Council and Big Brother Big Sisters of America. Her leadership and focus on changing recidivism rates and curbing juvenile crime in Milwaukee emerged when she experienced the tragedy of losing her own father to gun violence. Her passion for justice and social change reflect Ms. Lewis-Taylor's belief in humanity's ability to transform, but to do so we must "live on purpose." She exemplifies the purposeful life as a mentor, an advocate, and as someone whose compassion is demonstrated through her willingness to lead conversations on tough topics. As a first generation college student majoring in Accounting and minoring in Sociology, Ms. Lewis-Taylor believes education and mentorship are two keys to reversing crime and poverty in Milwaukee.

Sister Andrea Lee IHM
Alverno College

Personal Statement

My passion to advocate for justice and social change stems from my personal experience with losing my father to gun violence at the age of 17. As a result of that experience, I began to understand that most crime was the result of economic and educational poverty. While grieving his death, I used my voice to help draw light to deeper issues in Milwaukee's inner city. During an anti-gun violence project my senior year, I publicly addressed my peers and called them to "Live on Purpose".

Knowing the importance of positive role models in my community, I volunteer with the Big Brother Big Sisters of America, as a mentor to an 8th grade girl, as she transitions into high school and prepares to be a first generation college student. I am devoted to the Milwaukee Reentry Council, where I partner with non-profits to advocate for criminal justice reform and recidivism programs. At Alverno I lead the Black Student Alliance, where I work for unity and inclusion in the classroom and throughout campus.

At a time, when our nation is suffering from division, racism and political turmoil, I will continue to use my voice to for unity and change.

Donna Lewis-Taylor
Accounting: Class of 2021
written 2019

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