Dominic Zmarlicki

Wagner College

Dominic Zmarlicki is a Bonner Leader, a campus IMPACT Scholar and, through the office of Intercultural Affairs, has become quite active in our social justice dialogues program. He is the youth representative to the United Nations for the Syrian Orthodox Church in America, where he has learned about and published commentary on the plight of Syrian refugees and of persecuted Syrian Christians. Beyond all of this, and working hard toward his double major, Dominic sits on the local community board of "Transportation Alternatives," an organization dedicated to making New York City streets safe for all. Dominic is an enthusiastic, kind, and empathetic leader, one who exhibits an ability to be in rapport with her peers, with his mentors and advisors, and with Wagner's community partners.

This is a highly motivated individual who is a pleasure to be around and whose collaborative and engaging approach to problem solving is innate. His driving motivation, as I understand it, is to place himself in position to help others. He is nothing less than an exemplar of the values that the Newman Fellowship is meant to celebrate and exalt.

Richard Guarasci
Wagner College

Personal Statement

I am a traditional Catholic, and this shapes my identity greatly. I have always been taught, both in church and by my parents, about respect and hard work, and I have always been motivated by my faith in God to help as many people as I can, however I can. Wagner College has helped mold me into an even more engaged person, in large part thanks to the Bonner Program where I am a Bonner Leader; the campus-wide IMPACT Civic Scholars program; through my work in the Center for Intercultural Advancement; and as part of Wagner's social justice dialogues series. On top of these things, I also am interning with a non-profit, Transportation Alternatives, where I am part of a team advocating for safer streets for all New Yorkers. Finally, I am an NGO Youth Representative to the United Nations for the Syrian Orthodox Church in America, and have been able to take part in discussions about complex global realities that I would otherwise never have known about or understood.

Dominic Zmarlicki
International Affairs & History: Class of 05/2019
written 2017

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