Dieu Do

Hamline University

Dieu Do is a student leader at Hamline University where she embodies the spirit of civic engagement and leadership. Dieu has been an active participant in student government throughout her years at Hamline and currently serves as the Vice President of the Hamline University Student Congress (HUSC). Dieu has championed accessibility campus facilities and all inclusive bathrooms. In addition, Dieu has shown a wide breadth of involvement in other campus activities serving as a conduct board member, a new student mentor, and a resident assistant. Her impact extends beyond our campus; Dieu has interned with Councilmember Rebecca Noeker and Senator Tina Smith. Dieu was elected to serve as a board member on the Hamline-Midway Community Council in 2019. Dieu has shown tremendous leadership around campus issues such as diversity and inclusion through her work with student government and Hamline’s Office of Inclusive Excellence, as well as her work supporting food access initiatives for her peers. Dieu constantly encourages civic participation throughout the student body. Whether it be in the classroom or out in the community, Dieu Do has shown a dedication for creating spaces where people can come together to impact their local and broader communities.

Dr. Fayneese Miller
Hamline University

Personal Statement

My passion for public service began at seven years old when I met my hometown mayor, who was the first woman in history to be elected mayor for our city. Her genuine commitment to creating opportunities for our community inspired me. After telling my parents that I wanted to run for political office, they were wary of my ambition. As two Vietnamese immigrants, they understood that this government system is not made for those who think, look, or sound like us and encouraged me to choose a different career path. I was disheartened, but never gave up on my dream. As I grew older, I came to understand how systems of oppression prevent people of color from accessing government roles and political knowledge. This ignited my will to blaze a trail for underrepresented communities into local, state, and federal government systems. I am thrilled to dedicate my life to advocating for comprehensive civic education in our school systems and creating a transparent government for those of all diverse backgrounds. From a young age I was told what I can’t do as a Vietnamese American woman, but it is time we change this narrative and activate a coalition of game changers.

Dieu Do
Political Science, concentration in Political Change and Advocacy, and Criminology/Criminal Justice: Class of 2021
written 2020

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