Diana Ventura

AdventHealth University

Diana Ventura, a student in Health and Biomedical Sciences at AdventHealth University (AHU), is a determined student leader with a desire to see transformation in her community. As a student at AHU, Diana participates in initiatives that target poverty, health disparities, and youth development. She serves as the President of the AHU Pre-Medicine Student Association. Diana is currently working with community organizations to serve individuals living in crisis and poverty through the provision of basic needs and compassionate listening. Diana has been instrumental in connecting her peers to opportunities for service. She is committed to seeing others strive to make a positive difference in the lives of the most vulnerable populations. Diana is a steadfast servant leader. She is compelled to use what she has learned to bring restoration to neighborhoods and change to the community for the better. Her encouraging spirit, genuine compassion to educate future generations on the power of outreach, and motivation to life-long service render her an exemplary candidate for the Newman Civic Fellows Award.

Dr. Edwin Hernandez
President & CEO
AdventHealth University

Personal Statement

I understood the concept of poverty and disadvantages at a very early age. Although my family was able to break out of a disadvantaged cycle and provide a proper education for me, I still remember our life in New York City and the struggles we faced. It is because of these struggles that I was determined to do all I could to make a difference in the lives of others faced with poverty and homelessness. The first service opportunity I encountered, where we served the homeless population with basic needs, like food and shelter, was life changing. I had a new appreciation for human connection and how selflessness and service are some of the most valuable and enriching experiences one will ever encounter. I am fortunate to be involved in service as the Pre-Medical Society President at AdventHealth University, as well as a leader in my church. School and church have afforded me great opportunities to serve the local homeless population, area youth, and patients in the local hospitals. I vow to serve those in need throughout my career and to do everything in my abilities to help others break free from the cycle of poverty.

Diana Ventura
Biomedical Sciences: Class of 2019
written 2019

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