Diana Espinoza Osuna

Notre Dame de Namur University

Diana Espinoza-Osuña has achieved academic success at Notre Dame de Namur University while working full time at Cañada College, where she supports first generation and second-language learners in their success. Her work supporting others makes a difference in the lives of many and inspires those who work with her in the classroom. Combining her work at the community college with her contributions on campus, Ms. Espinoza-Osuña recently provided significant support to an on-campus conference on Social Mobility, contributing as a panelist to two different panels designed to enhance transfer opportunities to better empower students seeking a degree.

Dr. Dan Carey
Notre Dame de Namur University

Personal Statement

I have been involved in the San Mateo County community for many years now. Although to the outside eye this may appear to be a well off area, the lines of inequality are strong. As the housing prices rise, and more expensive condos are being built, there are people who are struggling to stay in the community that they have been raised in. This lead me to working with many nonprofits and volunteer efforts that gave me the opportunity to use my strengths and experience in working with a diverse community, especially those undeserved and underrepresented. I am an immigrant and first generation student, so it is very important to me to be able to gain new skills and apply them to future projects and communities in which I hope to serve. This allows me to bring my own experience and knowledge of what it is to be part of this community and how to overcome challenges. It is always important to celebrate and bring together our community to discover our history, honor our diversity and explore our neighborhoods.

Diana Espinoza Osuna
BS Human Services: Class of 2020
written 2020

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