Deandrea White

Michigan State University

Deandrea White is committed to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. She works tirelessly to be an advocate and a resource to communities in need of support. She is believes in democracy and demonstrates that belief in the activities and efforts she supports as a student and a citizen. Deandrea is a change agent who is willing to do the work to make our society more just. She is natural leader who will flourish greatly as a Newman Civic Fellow. Investing in this young woman will generate significant benefit for society in the future.

Samual Stanley
Michigan State University

Personal Statement

As a native Detroiter, a city that has fallen prey to policies that have had long term effects on its sustainability, effectiveness, and well-being, I’ve had a front row seat and a clear perspective of things that need to be changed. My passion for civic and community engagement are heavily embedded in my upbringings and past experiences. Growing up, I always made it a priority to be involved in community projects and organizations, playing my part in the revitalization of my city. When I had the opportunity to work with the City of Detroit Department of Neighborhoods and help to prepare a free tax preparation event, I saw the huge impact of something so minute. For these reasons, I am committed to making a change in my community and other communities across the world. I want to address structural inequity, tackling neighborhood development which is crucial to community building and efficacy. My primary focus is the protection of residents in inner cities from the financial abuse and discrimination of big corporations that seek to exploit, a practice that is common in urban, low-income areas, almost always having a large population of minorities.

Deandrea White
Social Relations and Policy : Class of 22-May
written 2021

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