David Ajamy

Wake Forest University

Since coming to Wake Forest a week early for a social justice/community service based preorientation, Ajamy has spent much of his time advocating for social change and building community with those around him. As a Winston-Salem native, Ajamy has only gotten closer to his community since being at Wake. Mostly through his extensive work the Campus Kitchens Project. From only a volunteer to being on the exec board, Ajamy has found a home within the fight for food justice on campus. And by having personal connections with not just Winston-Salem but knowing of the struggle of food insecurity/poverty he has seen continued to strive in the field of food justice. Ajamy is currently studying in DC while also working for DC Central Kitchen under the Campus Kitchens Project. Ajamy sees the fight for social change interconnected with community and the bonds that he forms with others.

Nathan Hatch
Wake Forest University

Personal Statement

When I was younger, college was something I didn't think of. Not because I didn't want, rather because I couldn't. My family was suffering from poverty, where we would often find ourselves either sleeping in the car or a hotel room. And we had to think of the next move like "where would we be sleeping next" or "what would we eat next." It was because of this, I didn't think about college or how I could help others when my family was just trying to help ourselves. As I found myself coming to Wake Forest University, I knew things were different. While my family was still in a lower economic bracket, I had the ability to think of the future and help others. That is where I found The Pro Humanitate Institute. From there I found Campus Kitchen and more social justice theme programs that allowed me to not just flourish but find a home. Find a place where I could give back and have a community where I felt safe and loved. But, I was also able to form a stronger community with my fellow Winston-Salemites. What I have learned from my work is that community is the vehicle for change, through community and caring for each other can change come. And I know I have a role, rather a personal responsibility to give back and help not just my community but the greater community within my studies, work, and life.

David Ajamy
Politics and International Affairs/Middle Eastern Studies and Journalism Minors: Class of 2019
written 2018

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