Daud Shad

Yale University

Duad Shad is a second year student serving as co-coordinator of the student executive committee of Dwight Hall at Yale, the center for public service and social justice. Since he arrived on campus, Daud has been an active member of the service community at Yale. He has helped rebuild homes through the campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity and fundraised for local and international projects through the Yale Rotaract Club. After his first year at Yale, Daud gained significant experience as an intern on Capitol Hill, working with the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Daud has also been involved with the local government through the Dwight Hall Urban Fellows Program, where he worked with the Complete Streets program of the New Haven Transportation, Traffic, and Parking Department. This position was coupled with his leadership role as a co-coordinator for the Dwight Hall First-Years in Service program.through which he mentored incoming students as they learned about the vibrant New Haven community. Daud has been so committed to service that he was elected by a group of his peers to lead the Dwight Hall Student Executive Committee, a student body that manages and oversees more than eighty student organizations.

Peter Salovey
Yale University

Personal Statement

I don't want my life to slip away without having done enough to fight the injustice that exists on our planet. Given that our time is so brief and we have so much potential, it makes no sense to me why we let hatred and apathy endure. Islam has taught me that "whoever saves one [soul] -- it is as if he had saved mankind entirely" (5:32) and that "We have certainly created man into hardship" (90:4) -- the path to follow is that of patience and compassion. My family roots are in Pakistan. Frequent travels abroad have exposed me to beautiful cultures but also to global challenges from a young age. I often feel sick at the opportunities, safety, and health I've been privileged to have, when so many children who look like me are servants or live in slums. The issues I'm most passionate about are poverty alleviation, peace, and sustainable development. On campus, I am involved with Dwight Hall, our center for public service and social justice, and The Yale Globalist, an international affairs magazine. I've really enjoyed becoming a part of the New Haven community and learning about urban issues through service.

Daud Shad
Undeclared: Class of 2021
written 2019

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