Daniel Stevens

Northampton Community College

As an environmental science/biological science major, Daniel Stevens has been a strong advocate for environmental causes since he was a young child. Daniel has been asking questions and looking for ways to conserve water since that time. As a fourth grader, he earned his first award at Lehigh University's Science and Engineering Fair for a project that reduced water evaporation from reservoirs. His passion for the environment has manifested itself in his numerous activities at Northampton Community College: president of the Outdoors Club; past vice president and current associate officer of the Science Club; Honors, Anime and Good Growers Club member; president of the Climate Action Network; works in the College's East 40 Community Garden and Farm Market; recipient of the National Engaged Leader Award; member of the National Society for Leadership and Success and also found time to attend an educational expedition to Colombia. Daniel's goal is to transfer to Lafayette College where he plans to major in environmental science, biological science and possibly physics. His hope is to become a geophysical consultant specializing in sustainable water supply and aquifer remediation.

Dr. Mark Erickson
Northampton Community College

Personal Statement

The start of my ecological passion began as a young child, with a keen interest in water conservation. In fourth grade, I won first place in a local science fair where my project focused on reducing evaporation from water reservoirs. This was the beginning of my commitment to the environment and keeping it healthy. As a member and volunteer for the Delaware/Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, Climate Reality Project and the American Geophysical Union I have been able to pursue my dreams and make them a reality. I am the President of the Climate Action Network and President of the Outdoors Club. Additionally, I hold seats on the College Life, Sustainability, and Safety Committees and serve as a student senator.
I am currently involved in several projects on campus, including the "Green Cafeteria Initiative" which is designed to remove single use items such as styrofoam plates and plastic cutlery from the food court. Additionally, I am working with NCC's engineering club to design and build a wind tree and solar panel array for installation on campus. My plan for the future is to study near surface geophysics and help maintain clean water supplies by tracking down pollutant sources.

Daniel Stevens
Environmental/Biological Science (dual major): Class of 2019
written 2019

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