Daniel Mehren-Wallace

Montana State University Billings

Daniel Mehrens-Wallace is a sophomore at Montana State University Billings majoring in Rehabilitation and Human Services. Daniel demonstrates his ability to inspire change through service and advocacy. On campus, Daniel was the President of the student organization OUT at MSU Billings. He has also been a TRIO Advocate throughout his education helping low-income and first-generation students. Daniel has made a huge impact in the community by serving as the Chair for the Rainbow Coffeehouse, which serves LGBT+ teenagers. Daniel has also volunteered as an educator of the Affordable Act Care for Planned Parenthood of Montana. He has also been involved with the Yellowstone Aids Project and Montana Gender Alliance. Daniel is an amazing student who has taken the initiative to engage and connect to MSU Billings and the community, as well encourage other students to make a difference

Dr. Mark Nook
Montana State University Billings

Personal Statement

By offering my time in the community, to those that need it the most, I am able to move past my own insecurities and make an impact. What I found is that without action, the things I am passionate about would be hollow, and my life wouldn't be nearly as full.

With the guidance of Rev. Rob Kirby, Pastor of United Campus Ministries, I formed the student organization OUT at MSUBillings. I also helped launch the "Rainbow Coffeehouse", a once a week drop in program for LGBT+ teenagers and their allies. I regularly volunteer for an interfaith program called Family Promise, which is aimed at providing homeless families with a place to stay while they rebuild their lives together with dignity and sit as the Chair of Grace United Methodist Church Council.

I began my advocacy work with the ACLU of Montana. I also started volunteering for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana, advocating for women's reproductive freedom and affordable health care for all Montanans. It was my work with PPMT which led me to my current service on the Title X, Information and Education Advisory Committee.

Daniel Mehren-Wallace
Rehabilitation and Human Services: Class of 2018
written 2016

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