Dana Michea Marquez

Texas A&M- San Antonio

Ms. Marquez shows a tremendous amount of initiative, particularly around a topic of concern that is extremely important to her: human trafficking. For more than fifteen years, she has been involved in local advocacy work and outreach to women in prostitution and poverty, and was a co-founder of Genevieve’s Purse, a Victory Outreach ministry that helps women out of prostitution, homelessness, and drug use. Most recently, she took on the organization of a robust panel discussing human trafficking prevention in south Texas, inviting and securing speakers who are leaders in human trafficking advocacy and local and state government. In addition to the panel of speakers, she brought together a resource fair of 15 agencies to provide resources to our students and the public to engage in human trafficking prevention efforts. While she had support from a faculty advisor and collaborators across the campus and greater community, this has primarily been an independently driven endeavor.

Dr. Cynthia Teniente-Matson
Texas A&M- San Antonio

Personal Statement

For the past twenty years, I have worked hands-on with women in the lifestyle of prostitution, drugs, homelessness, alcohol and broken families. My passion is to see the lives of hard-core women changed, women that society has deemed “impossible to change.” Therefore, I continue to go to the streets and minister to women through prayer and Genevieve’s Purses. Genevieve was a woman who I ministered to through Twilight Treasure before she was brutally murdered in 2015. We named the purses after her to reach out to other women on the streets. The purses contain hygiene supplies and other necessities for the women we minister to on the streets. This same passion also fueled the South Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Panel. I hope to see the students on the campus of Texas A&M - San Antonio to become aware of the dangers of human trafficking so that they can protect themselves. As I have learned through the Twilight Treasures, human trafficking is everywhere. If I can prevent one more Genevieve from being murdered, then I have done my job.

Dana Michea Marquez
Communication: Class of 2021
written 2020

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