Crystal Rhodes

Metropolitan Community College

Crystal regularly volunteers at a local grade school (Urban Christian Academy) and also as a mentor for the Boys and Girls Club. Though not a volunteer, she also choreographs the musical numbers for theater at her alma mater, Ruskin High School in Kansas City, Missouri. Recently she presented about her volunteer work and Servant Leadership last March at the Metropolitan Community College Student Leadership Summit at MCC-Penn Valley. Invitees such as her former teachers as well as many of children, accompanied by their parents, she currently works with attended. Attendees would not have taken time to come cheer her on and support her if Crystal's work was not important in their lives. It was also evident how much they love her, just as much as she loves the children she advocates for. Currently, she wants is studying social work with the dream of serving and supporting children in their most needy of times. Crystal's peers and mentors frequently say that she is consistently enthusiastic, engaging, and always ready to take on leadership opportunities.

Dr. Kimberly Beatty
Metropolitan Community College

Personal Statement

I first became involved in helping young children through a program I attended as a youth called City Union Mission-Camp CUMCITO. Being a camper with many life complications of my own, I relied on counselors who listened, encouraged and prayed with me. As I grew older, I realized the impact and significance their support and encouragement had on my development. Once I began the dream of attending college, I made a promise to myself to give back through being a volunteer and advocate for other young children with struggles similar to mine. One of my mottos is that I believe in letting someone teach you, so you may teach others. I have taken life and educational lessons and used them to create presentations which I present to motivate children who, like myself, are hurting inside from neglect and abuse. I have channeled the pain from being unloved as a child to try to support, understand and love today's youth. In addition to the many hours I volunteer, I also spend time working at Ruskin High School as a choreographer for theater productions. Additionally, my job while attending college allows me to provide services to area children from broken families. Daily I listen to students crying out for help, my work allows me to help them through their crisis while gaining valuable experience to become a full-time professional in the field of social work. I guess you can my work, "My passion", as I am always looking to serve and help others in need. An example of my passion was exhibited recently as I watched a student walk across campus in the cold without a coat. My first thought and action was to give them my coat. I did give my coat up knowing their need was greater than mine as I have more coats at home. Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to this fellowship.

Crystal Rhodes
Social Work: Class of 2020
written 2019

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