Cornelia Thomas

Kentucky Wesleyan College

Cornelia Thomas, a junior at Kentucky Wesleyan College, is currently the Vice President of the Student Government Association. She earned the Outstanding Senator award in 2016. As president of Kappa Delta sorority, Cornelia led her organization to the largest participation of any organization in the Wesleyan Way Day of Service in November, 2016. Cornelia also actively works to maintain Kappa Delta's long-standing partnership with Girls, Inc. of Owensboro, where Wesleyan students assist with programming and serve as mentors to the participants.
A Middle Grades English Education major with a concentration in Learning and Behavior Disorder, Cornelia has volunteered for three years with Puzzle Pieces, a local non-profit organization supporting individuals with developmental disabilities.

Bart Darrell
Kentucky Wesleyan College

Personal Statement

I first realized the importance of mental health when I started volunteering at a local shelter for abused women and children. As I became older, I started to understand that mental health is a key factor in education. Mental health is a social issue that many times get swept under the rug because of how deep of an issue it is. I came to understand that when not addressed, mental health will cause students to not have the opportunity to reach their full potential in the educational realm. When I fully realized this, I knew that I had to get involved and make a difference. In my community, I volunteer at Girls' Inc.--helping young children not only with their school work, but also with their self-esteem and understanding their true value. This organization means the world to me because I know that once a girl knows her value she will become unstoppable. I also help raise awareness of mental health by helping with fundraisers for Prevent Child Abuse America and Oasis Women and Children's shelter. I continue to stay involved and try to find ways to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and its importance in education, because I know that once addressed we will give children the power to reach their full potential.

Cornelia Thomas
Middle Grades English and Learning and Behavior Disorder: Class of April 2018
written 2017

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