Colleen Steward

SUNY Geneseo

SUNY Geneseo student Colleen Steward, is a student leader who, in her relatively short time at Geneseo, has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the College's core value of civic responsibility by putting that value into action in a number of impressive ways. In the last two years, Colleen has assumed positions of leadership in two very active Geneseo student organizations, as Mission and Advocacy Chair for the Geneseo Relay for Life, the largest earning per capita American Cancer Society-sponsored collegiate Relay in the country, and as Vice President of the Geneseo chapter of the international service organization Circle K. Colleen was also selected to support her fellow students as a Geneseo Opportunities for Leadership Development (GOLD) Peer Mentor, Geneseo's award-winning student leadership development program, and as a tutor and supplemental instructor for her fellow biology students. Colleen's area of biological research is cancer prevention, and she fully expects that her commitment to service will extend well into her career. All in all, Colleen Steward has been a tireless advocate for others, a bridge builder in a world so in need of meaningful personal connections, and a campus and community difference maker.

Denise Battles
SUNY Geneseo

Personal Statement

Growing up, I watched numerous family members battle cancer and realized that the illness is not the only problem. Treatments are expensive, transportation is difficult, and people do not always have access to the services they need. I became actively involved in my hometown and upon coming to college, joined Colleges Against Cancer, a group that raises over $170,000 for cancer research and patient services through Relay for Life. Now, as the Mission and Advocacy Chair, I spread awareness and promote social activism on campus. I believe support is more than monetary donations; it's writing letters to Congressmen, signing petitions, and connecting with cancer patients at the HOPE lodge. There is hope to be found amidst the horror.

Additionally, I serve our campus and community as a GOLD program mentor, the VP of the International Service Organization Circle K, and as a Supplemental Instructor for general biology. My future aspirations to become a medical researcher in a cancer institute integrate my passion for science and dedication to service. Ultimately, now and in the future, I hope to fight for better cancer treatments, community involvement, and civic engagement.

Colleen Steward
Biochemistry: Class of 2019
written 2017

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