Cody Milner

Oklahoma Christian University

Cody Milner, a third year Honors student at Oklahoma Christian University, is an elected student leader and scholar who is politically and socially engaged in his community. Cody has maintained a 4.0 GPA while persistently involving himself in local and national politics and government. He is currently focusing on economic solutions for inner-city poverty and criminal justice reform to put non-violent offenders back into the workforce.

John deSteiguer
Oklahoma Christian University

Personal Statement

The greatest service any individual can do is lighten the burdens of another. Growing up a poor rural town, I was blessed with parents who taught me the importance of hard work and wise financial steps to preserve my future. Now that I have the chance to study at a private college and live in a big city where poverty runs rampant, I try to fight to ensure that I can help as many lives as possible. Economics is the key to every societal change, and it is now the impetus with which we can lift an entire socioeconomic class up out of poverty and homelessness and into a comfortable life. Thus, I devote myself to fighting for the poor every step of the way - first by working with food shelters, homeless clinics and shelters, and other downtown poverty missions to combat the spread of poverty firsthand. And second, I devote myself to the study, comprehension, and instruction of economics and smart finances so that the poor in my cities will one day have the opportunity to have better lives, and will know how to economically take care of themselves when they do.

Cody Milner
Political Science & American History (double major), with an emphasis on Economics: Class of 2018
written 2017

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