Clara Roth

Dickinson College

Clara Roth, a junior double majoring in environmental science and studio art at Dickinson College, employs the arts to highlight the complexity of social conditions and to provoke humanistic approaches to social change. She has applied her artistic talents to issues including the opioid crisis, the aftermath of genocide, and the experiences of displaced people. Her three years working with a local arts-focused nonprofit have influenced her understanding of the power of visual arts and arts education to fuel individual development and engagement across diverse communities. Her approach to community engagement is also informed by her leadership in sustainability education initiatives and her experiences researching urban bee populations and climate change.

Dr. Margee Ensign
Dickinson College

Personal Statement

Community service and engagement is an important part of my life. In elementary school I fundraised, and in highschool joined the community service club. These experiences allowed me to serve my community and the greater Philadelphia area. While studying at Dickinson I have been engaged in both the Dickinson and Carlisle communities. I have worked to raise awareness about environmental issues through my positions at the Center for Sustainable Education, while interning at the Carlisle Arts Learning Center helped me connect with the local community. I have also been involved in new communities in Kensington, Idaho, and Rwanda and their individuals through photography. These projects aimed to provide a platform for people to share their stories and raise awareness to the issues their communities face. Powerful portraits provide the viewer a glimpse into the soul of the subject. I strive to portray the strength and journey of an individual, rather than play on pity or stereotypes. I believe sharing these stories and images of individuals unites us, reminding us that we are all human.

Clara Roth
Environmental Science and Studio Art: Class of 2021
written 2020

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