Cierra Eastep

Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City

Cierra has overcome incredible things in her life: abuse, trauma, addiction, mental health disorders, generational cycles of poverty and addiction, being a single mom to 4 young kids - you name it!! In spite of that (and really with those things having made her a stronger woman), she has risen up to be a leader in her community, shining as a beacon of hope for all to look and aspire to! Cierra leads CFSI as a peer and mentor plus she mentors other moms coming through remerge and hope house (other local nonprofits). Cierra shows up early and stays late to everything she commits to and puts in 110% - even when no one is looking! She is a superstar. Humble. Kind. Hardworking. Fun.

Scott Newman
Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City

Personal Statement

In the 2020-2021 school year I was an elected official for a new student organization called Things That Matter. In that group we held weekly recovery meetings for anyone in recovery. I was also a student work study for the Center for Social Innovation, a program here on campus. I've done a lot of volunteer work through ReMerge as a math tutor. As a student work study for The Center for Social Innovation I was able to use my experience not only in addiction, but as a student here at OSU-OKC to help them with enrollment, navigating canvas, and using the various resources available on campus. One accomplishment I'm most proud of during my time at OSU-OKC is having a 4.0 during the quarantine and pandemic. I have received my Peer Recovery Support Specialist certification while still maintaining good grades in courses. I about to celebrated 3 years of continuous sobriety. I'm very proud to be a part of the Things That Matter club. This has enriched my college experience.

Cierra Eastep
Addictions Counseling: Class of 05/13/2022
written 2022

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