Christopher Shima

Simpson College

Christopher Shima is a Computer Information Systems major at Simpson College that is passionate about campus involvement and community engagement. Chris is an extremely involved student at Simpson College including serving as a Community Advisor (CA) for Residence Life, an ambassador for Simpson Admissions, is member of the dance team and being a participant and leader in the Wesley Service Scholar (WSS) program. Additionally, he owns his own business and works multiple jobs. Chris is a highly motivated student and is able to get a variety of students to engage in service for the first time. Chris seeks to help other students improve academically, socially, and personally. Chris is an active AmeriCorps member aiming to serve 300 hours this academic year, focusing on food insecurity in Warren County. In this role, he is working to build new partnerships and expand capacity for on and off campus partners working with food recovery and food insecurity.

Bob Lane
Interim President
Simpson College

Personal Statement

Since I could first make decisions for myself, I have been motivated to work hard and help others. I grew up in a town of around 9,000 people of all different ethnicities. My school district is one of the most diverse schools in Iowa and I am blessed to have been part of it. Being in such a diverse community allowed me to experience and learn many different parts of life that many will never have the chance at experiencing. I learned parts of different languages and cultures, I made friends with people that have come from all around the globe and their amazing families. Through these experiences I found that some of these families didn’t have it all that easy, so I decided that when I stepped foot at Simpson College that I would take part in helping people with food insecurity. I am now a co-leader in a food recovery program and actively involved in our campus service program. I not only do this work here in central Iowa, but when on breaks from school I bring this mindset and involvement back to my hometown in northwestern Iowa.

Christopher Shima
Computer Information Systems: Class of 2021
written 2020

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