Christopher Malcaus

St. Joseph's College, New York

Christopher Malcaus, a third year student at St. Joseph's College, is an outstanding student leader who has been a catalyst for civic engagement and social activism on our campus. As President of Social Thinkers, a student group that sponsors debates, speakers, and forums on contemporary issues, he serves an important role in motivating and educating the SJC community. Christopher holds many leadership positions as a Student Ambassador, member of the Orientation Team, peer mentor in the Freshman Year Experience Program, and recent delegate to the IMPACT Conference. He has demonstrated his commitment "to be part of the movements that shape the future" through numerous activities on and off campus. I am honored to nominate Christopher for a 2017 Newman Civic Fellowship which will support and develop his potential as a future leader and activist.

Jack Calareso
St. Joseph's College, New York

Personal Statement

As a first generation college student, I appreciate the rewards and responsibilities of a good education. Being an active participant in service to others is integral to my academic and co-curricular experiences. The presidency of the SJC Social Thinkers organization has provided me with an educational vessel to examine and create awareness of political and social issues. Through forums, guest speakers, and debates, students have become more engaged in discussing racism, women's rights, and political activism in a setting that fosters the free exchange of ideas in a respectful and open manner. In spring 2016, I led a voter registration drive on campus to motivate the college community to play an active role in the evolving political climate in this country. This semester, I was chosen to attend the IMPACT National Conference in St. Louis which presented essential tools for policy advocacy, methods to increase involvement, and programmatic ideas to expand service-learning opportunities for students on my campus. Service is something that I cherish deeply. If selected, I would consider the Newman Civic Fellowship a pivotal opportunity in fulfilling my responsibility to others.

Christopher Malcaus
Hospitality & Tourism Management/minor sociology: Class of 2018
written 2017

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